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server2:MMBase in Orion

Web Applications

Home made

karelia and VEK(perl). These robots connect several chat-boxes (a.o. IRC channels).
A library program (php, xml). For NEJ. Made for adminstrating a collection of books, and lending them out.
Esperanto bibliography (web shop) (Perl, mysql) An extensive bibliography, with several sources. It is possible to buy books from one source.
Dutch/Esperanto bibliography (Perl) This one is obsoleted by the one above.
Konwert(Perl, konwert) Translates pages wrongly encoded. Only an interface to 'konwert'.
Yes-No-game (unfinished) (Perl) A game
Mecca(Java) Draws the shortes line between two points on a map.
Flippo(Java) Solves the once famous 'flippo' riddles, which were freely given with the crisps.

Only minor adaption to existing programs.

Interface to dict-server. (Perl)
Telnet interface (Java)
VEKejo (C) Virtual Esperanto Congress

Not by me

VEKejo interface (ksh) CGI interface to VEKejo
Terminaro (Perl) Esperanto Terminology

Other things

My home page
copy of komputada leksikono
copy of REVO
copy of PMEG
Astronomia Terminaro