Tobias Hume


from: The first part of Ayres - London 1605

Tobacco, Tobacco
sing sweetly for Tobacco,
Tobacco is like love, O love it
for you see I wil prove it
Love maketh leane the fatte mens tumor,
so doth Tobacco,
Love still dries uppe the wanton humor,
so doth Tobacco,
love makes men sayle from shore to shore,
so doth Tobacco
Tis fond love often makes men poor
so doth Tobacco
Love makes men scorneal Coward feares,
so doth Tobacco
Love often sets men by the eares
so doth Tobacco.

Tobaccoe, Tobaccoe
Sing sweetely for Tobaccoe,
Tobaccoe is like Love, O love it,
For you see I have prowde it.

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