Tobias Hume

The Queenes New-yeeres gift

from:Poeticall Musicke - London 1607

Cease leaden slumber dreaming,
my Genius presents the cause of sweet musickes meaning,
now wich breedes my soules content,
and bids my Muse awake, awake,
to heare sweete musickes note,
to heare sweete musickes note.
that cherefully cherefully cherefully glads me so cherefully:
Me thought as I lay sleeping dreames did enchaunt me
with the prayse of musicke and her worth and her eternisht fame,
but now I finde indeed my leaden windowes open,
my leaden windowes open,
that cherefully, cherefully, cherefully comforts full cherefully.
Night gloomy vaile to the morn dramtes affright,
no more no more where sweet musicke is now still appearing,
leave passions to perplexe, for now my soule my soule delights
in musicks harmony, in musickes harmony,
whose heavenly noyse, heavenly noise, heavenly noyse,
glads soules with tongue and voice,
for now my soule delights, for now my soule delights
in heavenly noyse, heavenly noyse, heavenly noyse
of musickes sweetest ioyes.