Tobias Hume

Letter to the earle of Pembrooke

from The first part of Ayres

To the most noble and worthy lord William Earle of Pembrooke, L. Herbert of Cardyf, L. Par and Rosse of Kendall, Lord Marmion, and S. Quintin, Lord Warden of the Stannaries, and Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter.

SIR, Art and the love of Art continually are leagude together, It shall be no dishoner therefore for your height to imbrace the humblest endevors of those that seeke not you but your vertues: For mine own side I have beene traind up without the verge of Complement, nor can I phrase the zeale I beare you in swelling discourses. My Life hath beene a Souldier, and my idlenes addicted to Musicke, of both which I here doe offer the service to your best worthy selfe. The Acceptance I feare not, since I know great heartes are as farre from contempt, as from basenes. I rest the servant of your vertues.

Tobias Hume
Scanned letter (44k)