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The results of several kinds of measurements, previously done, were described. They deal with haptic perception on a horizontal plane in front of the subject. Three blindfolded subjects had to set directions as a function of place in this plane. They had to set a rod parallel to another rod somewhere else in the plane, had to point to a certain point in the plane or had to set two rods in-line. It was evident that the subjects made certain errors systematically, and it was assumed that these errors could be described with a real function of the plane coordinates. The error made is then the difference of this function on the two involved positions (The one on which the direction should be set, and the one which gives the direction to be set). This function was described in terms of a model of the arm, and could be characterized by a certain factor, which could be found by comparing the measurements to this model. Logically, one wouldn't expect the function to be the same for all three types of described measurements, because sometimes a direction had to be set and perceived, and sometimes only to be set. It was shown that they indeed didn't. The factors also are different for different subjects.

Further, the from literature already known `oblique effect' was searched for in the measurements. There are two, one in the standard-deviation (preciseness) for which no evidence was found, and one in the absolute error (systematic), which was found. It was shown that this last effect can for an important part be attributed to an `in-line' effect.


Haptic perception, psychophysics, oblique effect The full document can be found here (Postscript, zipped with gzip, 465 kB). 1#1

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